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planet earth

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YUBI FUJISAKI: I've been taking a look at some data, looks like some temples are losing power?

SAYIM HAYASHI: What do you mean?

ETERNAL SATSUKAWA: He means it's fucking Miles taking away energy, Sayim.

YUBI FUJISAKI: Precisely...damn bastard. How are we so sure we can even beat him?

ETERNAL SATSUKAWA: Good Lord, Yubi, you have a dual gem. I think we'll be fine.

YUBI FUJISAKI: First of all, they're not called gems. Second of all, are you so sure about that? The damned feline managed to take energy away from temples!

SAYIM HAYASHI: Yubi...you're why we're here right now. Why are you so stressed?

YUBI FUJISAKI: I've never seen anything like this. We need a better plan, or else he'll have dismantled our entire system by 2160!

ETERNAL SATSUKAWA: How could someone take us down in the span of 4 years? Anyways, we'll figure something out. You're Commander after all.

YUBI FUJISAKI: I suppose you're right. Let's just get back to work...


[end of log]