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SAYIM HAYASHI: Looks like Jemu Kihaku power is going down.

YUBI FUJISAKI: We're losing Kihaku? I'm not even surprised by this point, Miles and his purity nonsense.

ETERNAL SATSUKAWA: Yubi, quick question; How come our Jemu's aren't affected?

YUBI FUJISAKI: Sayim's was made by accident and seems to function on an entirely different level, so that's why his isn't. I have a Duajemu, which is able to sustain itself but in a last resort, it can use some of my energy. Yours is a mechanically built Jemu. Does that make sense? You've asked this question before.

ETERNAL SATSUKAWA: I suppose. By the way, is it true there are so called Chaos Jemu's?

YUBI FUJISAKI: They exist, I don't think they're called that though. I think we can actually use them to our advantage!

SAYIM HAYASHI: Wait, I've heard about that! They have Kihaku power on such an extreme level that it can actually ascend your lifeform! Just imagine what it would do to us!

YUBI FUJISAKI: There's only one way to find out, but first we'd need to find them. I'd imagine Miles is looking for them as well.

ETERNAL SATSUKAWA: That seems too dangerous, but we can talk about this later. We should all get going, yeah?


[end of log?]